Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eclipse Phase Bans MRAs From Forum, Receives Cookies

It's only been about a year, maybe two years since I tearfully left my internet home, a delightfully geeky roleplaying forum, because I was simply too tired to deal with the aggressively anti-feminist, casually sexist bullshit of even the kindest members of the geek community anymore. It was one of the saddest things I ever had to do, leaving another place I loved because the price of admission was just too high. So believe me when I say I feel amazed, suspicious, elated, guarded and carefully ecstatic when I begin seeing signs of change.

Change such as deeply geeky forums not putting up with the most egregious of bullshit anymore.

Here's our stance: If you self-define as an MRA, please fire yourself as an Eclipse Phase fan. We don't want you. We want our forums to be open and inclusive, and we don't see the point of debating with you anymore. You have other places on the internet where you can wallow in the awfulness of your male privilege.

The comments, of course, are awful. I, of course, am feeling happy and thankful and a little bit better about the world. If you do too, go give Eclipse Phase some love any way you see fit.
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